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  Service Strategy


Comprehensive Service – Working for total customer satisfaction
Perfect product quality is the primary condition if a company is to earn its customers’ complete satisfaction. So be it design, order, manufacture, QC or delivery, the Yu Shine team runs checks throughout the production chain to ensure we surpass customer expectations at each stage. To extend the scope of QC at Yu Shine, the company possesses the same service strategy throughout.

In addition to providing customers with the most suitable product for their application, Yu Shine maintains a considerable warehouse of spare parts on premises, to ensure immediate delivery. We know getting the job done right in the shortest amount of time possible guarantees you do not have put up with any interruptions in production.

Ultra Performance
In order to improve your efficiency and meet market demands, Yu Shine continuously introduces improved lathe products. All our machines exhibit diversified, integrated and specialized machining functions. All our spindles are servo motor driven, with high rigidity linear guides, hydraulic clamping force.

Yu Shine is constantly improving accuracy and precision in our machines. Our products are functional under all machining conditions requiring high rigidity and high strength, and will reduce your production time, labor, and costs while providing the best precision and production automation solution available.


Diligence and Dedication
Yu Shine is dedicated to a spirit of professionalism in every aspect of machine tool manufacturing. Sales, R&D, production, QC, customer service, administration – each employee, in every department, accepts full responsibility for their selves and works together to assure the greatest efficiency.

Yu Shine also has plans for dedicated green space within our factory, because we know that happier staff work more harmoniously, which, in turn, ultimately improves service and efficiency.


No.538, Sioucai Rd., Yangmei City, Taoyuan County 326, Taiwan. Tel: 886-3-2888899 Fax: 886-3-2888866 E-mail: ysp@ysp.tw
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