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CNC Vertical Lathe - VL-HR Series

Heavy Duty Vertical LathesVL-APC Series


Multi-function Machining
Equipped with a second power spindle, the C and CF axes provide turning, face milling, side milling, drilling, grinding and tapping operations all in a single set-up.

Improving the setting time of clamping and overall efficiency by adding an automatic pallet changer to your heavy duty vertical lathe. Yu Shine has the years of research and development of automation equipment needed to satisfy all your production needs.

  Picture of Heavy Duty Vertical Turning Center VL-ATC+C Series
  Specifications of Vertical Lathe VL-ATC Series
Model Unit VL-1000ATC+C+APC VL-1200ATC+C+APC VL-1600ATC+C+APC
Max. Swing Diameter mm Ø1350 Ø1600 Ø2000
Max. Turning Diameter mm Ø1150 Ø1350 Ø1800
Max. Turning Height mm 800 1000 1000
Main Spindle Motor kw 37/45 37/45 37/45
Machine Size
Machine (L1) mm 6500 6950 7850
Machine (W1) mm 7300 8000 9400
Machine (H1) mm 5330 5500 5500
Machine Weight kg 30000 38000 44000


Model Unit VL-2000ATC+C+APC VL-2500ATC+C+APC VL-3000ATC+C+APC
Max. Swing Diameter mm Ø2500 Ø3000 Ø3500
Max. Turning Diameter mm Ø2300 Ø2800 Ø3400
Max. Turning Height mm 1300 1300 1200
Main Spindle Motor kw 60/75 60/75 60/75
Machine Size
Machine (L1) mm 8500 9500 11000
Machine (W1) mm 10800 11850 13800
Machine (H1) mm 6600 6600 6700
Machine Weight kg 64000 72000 96000


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