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CNC Vertical Lathe - VL-HR Series

CNC Vertical Lathes VL-HR+P Series


Yu Shine has developed a variety of lathe machines to meet diverse market demands. The CNC vertical lathes made by Yu Shine have multiple capabilities suitable for high rigidity and high precision machining. Spindles powered by servo motor, high rigidity linear guide way and stable rotary hydraulic cylinder are all crucial to constantly advance accuracy and efficiency of a lathe machine; and that is what we keep in mind when making a CNC vertical lathe. By offering time- and labor-saving CNC vertical lathe at competitive price, Yu Shine is able to provide the optimum solution for our customers from various industries. The features and specifications of CNC vertical lathe VL-HR Series are as below. For further details or help, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

  • Machine bed is made of meehanite cast iron for good rigidity.
  • Chuck headstock with powerful coolant system for efficient chip removal.
  • Easy loading/unloading, suitable for big, heavy, irregular shape workpieces.
  • Maintains the best circularity without inertial ellipse after machining.
  • Solid, heavy duty table face permits close-in fixturing for high-rigidity, vibration free machining.
  • Smallest footprint in its class, offering the best work flow available.
  Picture of CNC Vertical Lathe VL-HR Series
  Specifications of CNC Vertical Lathe VL-HR Series
Model Unit VL-350R VL-350R+P VL-450R VL-450R+P VL-600HR VL-600HR+P VL-750HR VL-750HR+P
Max. Swing Dia. mm Ø450 Ø450 Ø550 Ø550 Ø650 Ø650 Ø780 Ø780
Max. Cutting Dia. mm Ø350 Ø350 Ø450 Ø450 Ø600 Ø600 Ø750 Ø750
Max. Cutting Height mm 400 400 450 450 500 500 650 850(Opt.) 650 850(Opt.)
Main Spindle Motor kw αP18(9/11) αP18(9/11) αP22(11/15) αP22(11/15) αP30(15/18.5) αP30(15/18.5) αP40(18.5/22) αP40(18.5/22)
Machine Size
Machine (L) mm 2900 2900 3000 3000 3100 3100 3400 3400
Machine (W) mm 1500 1500 1500 1500 1510 1510 1780 1780
Machine (H) mm 2500 2500 2600 2600 2910 2910 3520 3520
Machine Weight kg 3500 3500 4500 4500 5500 5500 9000 9000


Model Unit VL-850HR VL-850HR+P VL-1000HR VL-1000HR+P VL-1100HR VL-1100HR+P
Max. Swing Dia. mm Ø1000 Ø1000 Ø1200 Ø1200 Ø1250 Ø1250
Max. Cutting Dia. mm Ø850 Ø850 Ø1000 Ø1000 Ø1100 Ø1100
Max. Cutting Height mm 750 950 (Opt.) 750 950 (Opt.) 750 950 (Opt.) 750 950 (Opt.) 1000 1000
Main Spindle Motor kw αP40(18.5/22) αP40(18.5/22) αP40(18.5/22) αP40(18.5/22) α40(37/45) α40(37/45)
Machine Size
Machine (L) mm 4285 4285 4435 4435 4500 4500
Machine (W) mm 2300 2300 2900 2900 2520 2520
Machine (H) mm 4020 4020 4020 4020 4605 4605
Machine Weight kg 13000 13000 15000 15000 18000 18500
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